Lockdown Control

Immediate Action, Enhanced Safety

The Lockdown Control feature within the Sound Logic App is a vital tool designed to streamline emergency response and ensure everyone knows what to do during a lockdown. This feature enables staff to share lockdown instructions and alert authorities promptly, providing a coordinated and efficient response to any emergency.

  • Instant Lockdown Activation: Quickly initiate a lockdown with a simple touch, ensuring immediate action when it matters most.
  • Detailed Instructions: Share precise lockdown procedures with staff and students, ensuring everyone knows exactly what to do to stay safe.
  • Coordinated Response: Facilitate a unified and effective response by providing clear instructions and real-time updates to all stakeholders.
  • Easy Integration: Seamlessly integrate the lockdown control feature into your existing emergency plans, making it an essential part of your school’s safety strategy.

Be Prepared for Any Emergency

Empower your school with the Sound Logic App’s Lockdown Control feature. Ensure your staff can initiate a lockdown, share instructions, and alert authorities instantly.